New Opera In The Garden Dates

The White Lion Inn  Bourton  Dorset  UK

We will be performing in association with our friends in Opera Da Camera down in beautiful Dorset on the 10th and 11th of July.

The White Lion Inn, in Bourton has created a lovely ‘Garden Stage’ and last year the audience were seated at tables in a Marquee situated at the front of the stage, so that they could dine as we sang, and join in as the wine began to flow!  The first night worked perfectly, but as the weather turned against us in August, we moved inside to the Restaurant and repeated our performance of well-loved arias and ensembles there.

Hopefully, moving the event to July will mean we are still likely to get both the performances outside, but the joy of this venue is that we know the event can be moved indoors if needs be.

To book call The White Lion Inn on  01747 840866 / email

Photo left to right.  Arabella Heaton – Mezzo-Soprano, Will Tyson Smith -Baritone,

Susan Coates – Soprano and Elaine Korman – Pianist.

Opera Dinner at The White Lion, Bourton, Dorset

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